EOG Prep: Properties, Changes & the Law of Conservation of Mass


Happy middle of the week to you! Today we tackled 8.P.1.3 – physical properties & changes and chemical properties & changes AS WELL AS 8.P.1.4 – the law of conservation of mass.

EOG Prep Materials 8.P.1.3

Above is a sample of our warm up/EOG style questions for practice. We worked through the warm up, reviewed information with guided notes, then applied our knowledge through practice activities. We repeated the same process for 8.P.1.4. Again, students who were absent yesterday (and Monday) had a chance to make a folder and pick up with the rest of the class.

Tomorrow we will be taking our quiz on 8.P.1.1 – 8.P.1.4 on SchoolNet using the Chromebooks.

Want to know what today’s class looked like?  Click here to find our more!

Have a great  evening 🙂



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