Wednesday: Layered Curriculum Time!


Happy middle of the week to you all! Today students were presented with the following options:

Today's Options 2Yep! We’re all about promoting independent student learning! So, most students were finished with their PTE scavenger hunt activity and were able to move on to their next option:

Layered Curriculum Presents


Students began working on this assignment today and as you can see above, it is due on Friday, April 11th.

You can find our materials below:

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt – Reviewing

EOG Review – Layered Curriculum – Atoms, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Science Weekly Homework – 8.P – EOG Review

Don’t forget – the weekly homework is ALSO due on FRIDAY APRIL 11th!

Have a pleasant Wednesday!





One thought on “Wednesday: Layered Curriculum Time!

  1. Starkisha James says:

    Mrs. Barton, I am simply writing to say thank you from a first year teacher. I appreciate this site. It is awesome and extremely helpful.


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