Hunting for the Answers

Hey hey hey everybody!

I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday thus far. Today’s activity was student driven and largely independent. Students were given these instructions on the board:

Today's Options

A few students finished their benchmark exam, but for the most part, students spent time completing a

PTE Scavenger Hunt This actually took the majority of the class to work on this assignment.

ALSO, by now all of my classes have received their weekly homework.  This assignment is due on Friday April 11th (OR earlier if students will not be here because of spring break).

Here are our materials:

1. Tuesday’s In-Class Work: Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt – Reviewing

2. Weekly Homework: Science Weekly Homework – 8.P.1 – EOG Review

Tomorrow we will be starting our layered curriculum on 8.P.1.

Stay tuned & I’ll see you tomorrow,




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