Knowledge, and Preparation and Benchmarks, Oh My!

Greetings guys and gals!

I hope you’re staying dry in your neck of woods. We’ve had an extremely rainy and dreary Monday. Nevertheless, we’re back for another week and ready to kick off our reviewing for the EOG!

Today wasn’t too exciting for students as they took their final benchmark of the school year (but today was secretly exciting for me because I get to see what growth we’ve made since August! 🙂 ).  Tomorrow and for the remainder of the week we will be focusing on reviewing our material on “Properties of Matter” (8.P.1). I’ll be sure to post our activities and worksheets!

Side note: I’d like to give a special thank you to my fellow teachers who have shared such nice comments and emailed me regarding my posts & website. I originally made this site to 1) make everything we do in class available to my students who were absent so they could make up work and 2) hold everyone, myself included, more accountable for our learning experiences. To know that other teachers have been able to use this site, the resources, gain inspiration, feel like they can ask me questions, etc. is more than I ever expected so to all of you I give an extra special

Thank you


Also, a shoutout to my former student Celeste, and her new science teacher Ms. Yewande from Cochrane Collegiate Academy! Celeste shared my site with her new teacher (and I was told she still uses it) to stay up to date and review material. Ms. Yewande even came over to get more resources and gain insight into how to best prepare for the EOG. I love that initiative and drive!

Way to Go

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening,



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