Tuesday: Water Quality Lab

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Today in class we began by submitting our flashcards from yesterday as well as our water quality lab prep work sheet.

Check out Anna’s awesome flashcards below (mind you, she is a student who delivers AMAZING flashcards each week… way to go!):

Water Quality Vocabulary Week 2 flashcardsToday students rotated to 5 different stations to test the qualities of water. The stations were: pH, temperature, color, bio-indicators, and turbidity. Mrs. Hill-Norman and myself were very impressed with the students who completed today’s lab. Well done!

Water Quality Lab PicsPlease remember, you should be working on your weekly homework tasks that are due on Friday!

I hope everyone has a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday: Water Quality Lab

  1. NC8Teacher says:

    I was also wondering if you have a copy of this lab available? As a fellow NC teacher I LOVE coming to your site to look for resources!


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