Welcome to Week 2

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Week 2 of review for our science EOG! Today students received a new sheet for 8.L.2.1 (Biotechnology & Genetically Modified Organisms). We completed our warm up, completed the review guided notes, watched a cartoon clip on biotechnology, worked on the “Apply It” section and wrapped up everything with an exit ticket!

This mini movie was entertaining, had the sarcastic GMO humor, and conveyed real life issues and risks with GMOs.

Check it out below:

Tomorrow we will be covering 3 TOPICS within “Ecosystems”: 8.L.3.1, 8.L.3.2 and 8.L.3.3.

Have a great evening!



Reviewed and Ready

Hey everyone,
Happy Thursday (I can already hear the cheers and excitement for Friday and the weekend)!
Today we took our quiz on 8.P.1 (chemistry) on the Chromebooks via SchoolNet. Not here today? Come see me so we can get you set up on the computer to take your quiz!
Tomorrow we will be transitioning from the physical science branch on to the life science branch.
We will see you then!


EOG Prep: Properties, Changes & the Law of Conservation of Mass


Happy middle of the week to you! Today we tackled 8.P.1.3 – physical properties & changes and chemical properties & changes AS WELL AS 8.P.1.4 – the law of conservation of mass.

EOG Prep Materials 8.P.1.3

Above is a sample of our warm up/EOG style questions for practice. We worked through the warm up, reviewed information with guided notes, then applied our knowledge through practice activities. We repeated the same process for 8.P.1.4. Again, students who were absent yesterday (and Monday) had a chance to make a folder and pick up with the rest of the class.

Tomorrow we will be taking our quiz on 8.P.1.1 – 8.P.1.4 on SchoolNet using the Chromebooks.

Want to know what today’s class looked like?  Click here to find our more!

Have a great  evening 🙂


It’s That Time of Year!

Hey hey hey! Greetings! Salutations! Welcome Back!

We’re back from our week-long spring break and have officially entered into “test prep” mode! Whooo! If today’s classes are any indication of how the next two weeks of in-class review will be I am super positive and excited for the great work my students will be mastering. Let’s jump right in!

EOG Prep Materials 2

Today I gave my students a binder/folder that will house all of our in class work. Every student received the same folder, and documents. We set them up and jumped right into our EOG review. Each binder begins with a page that has EOG test taking tips on the front, and a reference page of charts and organizers for completing independent tasks on the back. We are following a very streamlined, uniform reviewing format so students will know what is expected in each section. Each page covers ONE standard/objective of the NC Essential Standards for Science. You can see a sample below:

EOG Prep Materials Sample

EOG Prep Materials 1

Class begins by allowing students 5 minutes to complete the warm up. Then we take 5 minutes to review the answers while simultaneously utilizing/practicing test-taking strategies. Next we transition into our direct instruction. Here, I have the guided notes posted on the PowerPoint presentation and use SmartInk to fill in the blanks with the students. After notes are completed, students have approximately 25 minutes to complete their “Apply It” section on a sheet of loose leaf paper. In the bottom right corner of their sheet of loose leaf, students draw a small box and record their answers to the exit ticket questions. This paper is handed in, along with their folders, at the end of class.

Shout out to my wonderful students in class today! Coming back from spring break they did such an awesome job and I’m really proud of them! Look at all these cheerful EOG prep folders ready to help my kiddos!

EOG Prep Materials 3

Tomorrow we will be reviewing the periodic table…8.P.1.2. We’ll see you then!:)