Quick Recap

Hey everyone!

Super sorry for the delayed post today. Goodness gracious it was a busy, busy, busy Thursday! Today began with MAP testing during 1st block… This ALSO meant we switched schedules with 7th grade so I only ended up having class with my 4th and 5th blocks. We worked on finishing our stations from yesterday.

Tomorrow students will be handing in their weekly homework assignment as well as take a quiz on 8.E.1.3 – Water quality properties.

Side note – Super ShOuToUt time! Way to Goto my ARMS Track athletes at our meet today! One of my super stellar science students (say that 5 times fast), Jayden, won both the 1600 AND the 800! Way to be a real student-athlete! ALSO! I was so happy to attend our annual International Night and see 2 more of my super stellar science students, Breily and Cem, perform dances and celebrate their cultures! Oh man, they all make me so proud!

Here’s to a fantastic Friday tomorrow! I’ll see you then,



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