Text Tuesday: Water Qualities

Hey everyone,

Hope your day has been productive! In class today we had quite the assignment. Our ultimate task was to complete a chart that covered 7 different qualities/characteristic of water. In order to do this, students were presented with a variety of texts to gather information.

Text Tuesday Water Quality

Click the links below to access today’s materials:

1. Water Quality Information Sheets 

2. Water Quality Information Chart 

Students diligently worked on this task, however not everyone was able to finish. That said, we will spent part of tomorrow’s class finishing up this task. That’ll adequately prepare us for the next round of stations/application activities.

ALSO – we are officially underway with our weekly homework tasks!

Weekly HW Science


ALL students have received a sheet, been given instructions for completion, and are well aware that these assignments are DUE FRIDAY MARCH 28! The purpose of this homework is to begin “dusting off” our older knowledge so we have a better foundation for review leading up to our EOG.

You can find an extra copy of the weekly homework here:

Science Weekly Homework – 8.L.3 – Ecosystems

As always I like to share some of the excellent work of my students… I am loving every single minute of their dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm! Check out these flashcards below:

Cem Flashcards Ana Flashcards


That special recognition goes out to Ana and Cem! Way to go, ladies!

On that note, have a great evening!



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