Under the Sea – Stations: Part 1

Happy middle of the week!

We’ve made it to another Wednesday and the quarter is quickly coming to a close. Today we got back into the groove of stations! I sudents want to sing the praises of my students who worked SO WELL through the stations today! Oh my goodness they were so focused, collaborative, and really made Mrs. Hill-Norman and myself proud.

Two of my favorite stations were stations 3 and 4. Students were able to engage with an interactive food web in station 3 and analyze/interact with a super cool infograph on iPads in station 4!

Here’s a rundown of today’s stations:

Ocean Stations List


Below you can find today’s materials:

Stations 1-4:8.E.1.2 – Oceans Stations

Stations 5-8:Zones of the Oceans (Stations 5 – 8)

Station #2 Infograph: Oceans as a Resource Infograph Analysis

Student Stations Booklet: 8.E.1.2 – Oceans Stations Student Booklet

We will finish up these stations tomorrow in class before having a short review session to prepare for our quiz on Friday.

Have a great afternoon!



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