Tuesday: Under the Sea

Hey everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great Tuesday. Today switched schedules with 7th grade to accommodate our MAP testing! We tested until 10:30, so that meant I was only able to have class with my 4th and 5th blocks.

We worked on a blended/synthesis/artsy/hands on mini project today. This project is open to students in 1st and 3rd blocks if interested in completing it, however they will not be obligated to complete it. It is simply a major bonus/”go the extra mile” project.

Students were to create a visual representation of the ocean, being sure to label the zones, color, cut out and place organisms living in those zones, and finally create a food web using those organisms.

Check out some of the AWESOME work products from today:

Ocean Zones & Food Webs 1 Ocean Zones & Food Webs 2

Intererested in completing this assignment? Come see me during homeroom to get some materials so you can get started!

Tomorrow we’re going to dive into our stations…so come ready!



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