Text Tuesday: The Danger of Dirty Water

Happy Tuesday!

Today in class we followed suit with our Text Tuesday assignment, focusing on the importance of clean water. As we near testing season, we’re trying to have students recognize the importance of connecting big ideas and issues across the curriculum.

I selected today’s text out of the archives (…2006!) from an article by Ashley Seager featured The Guardian. It is entitled “Dirty water kills 5,000 children a day”. This was a real eye-opener for my students, as we were able to touch on world geography, third world conditions of slums, how the USA consumes water versus other countries in the world, and much more. Shout out to my 1ST BLOCK students to did an absolutely AMAZING job with this assignment. They provided thought-provoking comments and did a fantastic job connecting human actions to show the major impact of water on a society. Wowzers!

As students read, they answered questions which were submitted upon finishing the reading.

You can find the article/assignment with interspersed questions below:

Dirty Water Kills 5,000 Children CC Article

Have a great evening!



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