Monday: CFA #5

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve had a happy Monday and start to your week! Today in class we were back on the Chromebooks to take our CFA #5 (Common Formative Assessment). We focused this test on our ecosystems unit (8.L.3).

If you were not able to take the test today, PLEASE come see me during homeroom so we can get you connected and able to take the test!

Today I also shared the news regarding our updated EOG scoring scale. We are NOW pushing for 4s and 5s! For our students to score 4s and 5s means they are beyond “just ready for the next grade level”, it means they are college and career ready! That needs no explanation as to why we are aiming for those scores.

Students have been shown the EOG Science page here on our site (or click HERE) to gain access to resource that will help prepare themselves for the EOG. They’re welcome to try the practice items and bring them into class so I can look over and provide assistance in areas for growth. I’m happy to help however I can, but it’s a two way street and we need to work together to ensure these 4s and 5s.

Have a great evening!




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