Friday Vocabulary Day

Hi ladies & gents!
Happy Friday to you! Aren’t you glad you made it to the weekend? Today was actually a fun and enjoyable day in class. We started off with our favorite activity… BoomBag (of course!) and then we took our vocabulary quiz on our hydrology vocabulary words and graded it. Afterwards we played this FUN and super simple vocabulary game. I think we ended up calling it Science Feud (think of a Family Feud-esque set up). Oh man, we were reviewing vocabulary words from now all the way back from December and all I know is we will be doing this way more often to make sure our brains are totally set and ready for this EOG!

On another note, oh behalf of Mrs. Hill-Norman and myself, we just want to say AGAIN how awesome, wonderful, enjoyable it is to work with the students we have this year. You all are so, SO bright, intelligent and hard working – you make our job worth while. We love coming to teach with you as our students.

Have a happy weekend and enjoy the nice weather ahead!



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