Double Whammy Thursday

Hi there & happy Thursday to you!

Today’s post is a double whammy as I’m sharing what students did yesterday as well as today… Ready? Here we go!


While I was out students were fortunate to have Mrs. Hill-Norman teach them! Students worked on a series of 4 worksheets to expand their knowledge about Earth’s water. They were left with explicit instructions on how to complete the task which you can see below.

Wednesday 3-5 Directions Wednesday 3-5 Directions for Assignment Wednesday 3-5 Worksheets

You can find a copy of each worksheet below:

Worksheet #1  – Water on Earth Worksheet

Worksheet #2 – Surface Water Worksheet

Worksheet #3 – Wetlands Environments Worksheets 

Worksheet #4 – Water Underground Worksheet


Today students began class by watching this clip (click on the DiscoveryEd link below):

Afterwards we

  1. took notes in our interactive notebook
  2. completed a short practice activity where students stood for freshwater sources and sat down for salt water sources
  3. completed a worksheet using definitions on the board and taped it do page 70.

Notebook spread for pages 70 and 71

Thursday 3-6 Notebook Spread

Definitions posted on board used for worksheet

Thursday 3-6 Definitions for Worksheet


Here’s a copy of the worksheet we used today:

Parts and Flow of a Water System

Whew, that was a lot. Hope every one has great evening!



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