Text Tuesday: Hydrology Edition

Hi there and thanks for popping by!

Today in class we warmed up by playing BoomBag to become more familiar with our hydrology vocabulary words (hint: see the post below this one). As a reminder, these are our vocabulary words for the week:

Hydrology vocabulary Week 1

Next, we moved on to our Text Tuesday assignment. Students worked on this independently so they could a) focus on improving their own skills and abilities and b) become more independent thinkers as they transition to high school. This assignment was handed in at the end of class.

Text Tuesday Hydrology CC Reading

You can find our Text Tuesday reading here: Text Tuesday – Aquifers Watersheds and Groundwater CC Reading

I’ve been feeling under the weather since last Friday so I will not be in class tomorrow, however, everything is all set up and my AMAZING co-teacher will absolutely keep things rolling at the same pace so we won’t miss beat! I’ll be sure to share the post tomorrow to let you know what our awesome, super stellar students completed on Wednesday. 

Have a great evening,




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