Monday Vocabulary

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to a brand new week ANNNNND a brand new quarter! I hope you’re ready to hit the ground running. We have a packed post today so get ready!

Today students received their vocab words for the week, their weekly homework sheet, and a water quality lab prep work sheet. Students had the opportunity today during class to work on their flashcards. These are DUE (COMPLETED) TUESDAY APRIL 1 (No April Fools’ here).

1) Vocabulary Words/Cards

Water quality vocabulary Week 2Here’s a sample of the vocabulary cards:

8.E.1.4 Vocab Words2) Weekly Homework – 8.L.1 | Pathogens

Students also received their homework for the week. With the exception of Monday’s flashcards, the assignments are due FRIDAY, APRIL 4th.

Science Weekly HW PathogensYou can find an extra copy of the homework here (you can print 2/page to make them smaller): Science Weekly Homework – 8.L.1 – Pathogens

3) Water Quality Lab – Prep Work

Finally, students received a prep work sheet for our lab tomorrow. ALL classes have been informed that they MUST have their sheet completed with high quality responses PRIOR to beginning the lab. If a student does not have the sheet completed s/he will not be able to participate in the lab.

Water quality lab prepwork

You can find an extra copy of the prep work sheet here:

Water Quality Lab – Prep Work

Whew, that was a lot. I hope everyone has a u great afternoon and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!



Friday we…


Another Friday has come and gone. This Friday marked the end of the 3rd Quarter! Students have all handed in their make up work, extra credit assignments are finished (if students chose to do them), and final grades have been marked as complete.

Today students began by handing in their weekly homework assignment! We then played BoomBag to warm up and review/study for their quiz. Then we completed and graded a quiz on 8.E.1.3. By now, students should be ready to do our water quality lab on Monday.

On Monday students will receive their next weekly homework assignment that will be due on FRIDAY APRIL 4th.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!


Quick Recap

Hey everyone!

Super sorry for the delayed post today. Goodness gracious it was a busy, busy, busy Thursday! Today began with MAP testing during 1st block… This ALSO meant we switched schedules with 7th grade so I only ended up having class with my 4th and 5th blocks. We worked on finishing our stations from yesterday.

Tomorrow students will be handing in their weekly homework assignment as well as take a quiz on 8.E.1.3 – Water quality properties.

Side note – Super ShOuToUt time! Way to Goto my ARMS Track athletes at our meet today! One of my super stellar science students (say that 5 times fast), Jayden, won both the 1600 AND the 800! Way to be a real student-athlete! ALSO! I was so happy to attend our annual International Night and see 2 more of my super stellar science students, Breily and Cem, perform dances and celebrate their cultures! Oh man, they all make me so proud!

Here’s to a fantastic Friday tomorrow! I’ll see you then,


Water Quality Stations


Thanks for checking in! Today we began working on stations that focused on the primary qualities of water we learned about yesterday.

8.E.1.3 - Stations


Each station has a series of questions that gradually increase in complexity. Students begin by answering a text-based question and end with completing a synthesis, “putting-the-pieces-together” question. Students were allotted 20 minutes for each station to complete their work. However, if they did not finish the “last question” they conveniently had all the station questions on their student sheet to reference and complete later on.

You can find today’s materials below:

1. 8.E.1.3 Stations – Water Quality

2. Water Quality Stations – Student Sheet

Don’t forget, students should be working on their weekly homework assignment for tonight that is DUE FRIDAY MARCH 28. Need an extra copy? Click the link below:

Science Weekly Homework – 8.L.3 – Ecosystems

Have a good afternoon,


Text Tuesday: Water Qualities

Hey everyone,

Hope your day has been productive! In class today we had quite the assignment. Our ultimate task was to complete a chart that covered 7 different qualities/characteristic of water. In order to do this, students were presented with a variety of texts to gather information.

Text Tuesday Water Quality

Click the links below to access today’s materials:

1. Water Quality Information Sheets 

2. Water Quality Information Chart 

Students diligently worked on this task, however not everyone was able to finish. That said, we will spent part of tomorrow’s class finishing up this task. That’ll adequately prepare us for the next round of stations/application activities.

ALSO – we are officially underway with our weekly homework tasks!

Weekly HW Science


ALL students have received a sheet, been given instructions for completion, and are well aware that these assignments are DUE FRIDAY MARCH 28! The purpose of this homework is to begin “dusting off” our older knowledge so we have a better foundation for review leading up to our EOG.

You can find an extra copy of the weekly homework here:

Science Weekly Homework – 8.L.3 – Ecosystems

As always I like to share some of the excellent work of my students… I am loving every single minute of their dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm! Check out these flashcards below:

Cem Flashcards Ana Flashcards


That special recognition goes out to Ana and Cem! Way to go, ladies!

On that note, have a great evening!


Magic Words Monday

Welcome to a brand new week here at Science with Mrs. Barton!

Believe it or not we are starting our second to last unit of the school year before we get into our reviewing season for EOGs! Time has flown by!

Today in class we returned to our tried and true routine of making our vocabulary flashcards. Here are our vocabulary words for the week:

water quality vocabulary

Our flashcards will be checked for correction and completeness tomorrow… remember to include ALL the necessary parts. See the example below:

Vocab Card Instructions Reminder


News Flash

The 3RD QUARTER ENDS THIS WEEK! Make sure you’ve submitted all of your necessary makeup work to ensure you get the grade you’ve worked for!

Have an enjoyable evening,


Wrapping Up Oceans

Happy Friday!

Today marks the end of a VERY, VERY busy week…. but I’m proud of us for powering through and making each day count.

Today we switched schedules again, and I was not able to see all of my classes. That said, we did not complete our quiz today. We decompressed by watching an ocean-based film and completing corresponding questions.

Next week we will be beginning our next mini-unit within our larger hydrology unit. On MONDAY students will need to make sure they have 10 blank 3×5 index cards ready to make our vocabulary flashcards.

Have a great weekend & I’ll see you back here on Monday,