Thinkin’ Thursday – We’re Back with Stations!


Today in class we tackled some tough thinking stations. These stations really required students to think and analyze a variety of informational sources in order to answer some in-depth questions.

Energy Sources StationsWe will finish up 2 stations tomorrow as a quick review prior to taking our test tomorrow on the Chromebooks.

Absent from class today? You can find the stations and corresponding student booklet below:

Energy Resources Stations

Energy Resources Stations – Student Booklet

Don’t forget! Study for your test on energy sources tomorrow!



One thought on “Thinkin’ Thursday – We’re Back with Stations!

  1. I am loving your Energy Resources Stations Activity 🙂
    I am wondering about some of the symbols that I can not read: for instance,
    Station 1, I am wondering what the white and black circles imply in terms of energy use? The circles are blurry and the key at the bottom right is also blurry. Can you please tell me what the key represents and what the percentages are in the 5 white and black circles?

    I am also wondering if you have answer keys for this activity?


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