A Snowy Text Tuesday

Greetings guys & gals,

It’s SNOWING! Here’s a quick pic of the outside of ARMS before I left…. looks like we’re in for a few inches!

Snowy outside @ ARMS on Feb 11, 2014

Today was an exciting, pretty snowy Text Tuesday! We had a modified schedule because of early dismissal so I only was able to see my 1st, 3rd, and 4th blocks.

Today students studied their flashcards to play a game of vocabulary baseball before digging into our Text Tuesday assignment. It is always entertaining and fun to play vocabulary baseball (at least we try to make it that way), and the students get to brush up on their vocabulary words… you’d be surprised how tough it is memorizing some of these science words!

Afterwards, as a class, we worked on our text assignment. This text was adapted from a Coach-like book (I forget the name) from when I taught in New Orleans. Side note: it’s always interesting to me to see how the same content/idea is covered in different grades/different states. Anyways, I only had a hard copy of this and made it for the students, but when I can turn in into a digital copy I’ll be sure to post!

Anyways, I enjoyed this text because it was broken into short, manageable paragraphs and had lots of figures and “stop and process” questions in between! It was easy for us to discuss each section and connect previously learned ideas!

Tomorrow is up in the air… pun intended (as of the moment I’m writing this post). If we’re at school we will power through using the Chromebooks to complete an online activity and writing assignment! If we’re not at school tomorrow, check out these links below for some extra practice!

1) Slightly Advanced:


2)Basic Practice up to Increasing Complexity:


3) Good Overview & Practice:



Stay warm & safe!

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