Relooping – Day 3

Hi everyone,

TGIF! Today was quite a day of “firsts”. We made it through our first official science relooping! We also ventured into our first assessment on SchoolNet. It was a neat experience because students were able to use technology to assess themselves and at the end they could a) see their final score and b) go back to review which answers they got wrong. Even while taking the test, students could move forward or backward through questions at their own pace and at the end, prior to submitting the test, there was an overview of their questions (answered or unanswered). Pretty cool, right?

Even better, the data goes straight into SchoolNet for me to analyze/check on progress!

I think we’ll definitely be utilizing this option more often in our class.

Relooping Assessment on SchoolNetHave a HAPPY weekend (and maybe catch some of the 2014 Olympics!)

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