Relooping – Day 2

Hey hey hey everyone,

Today was pretty much the same task as yesterday (see the post below or click here). T oday I’m including a list of all our stations (ALL 8 of them!)

These stations include a variety of sources/worksheets from around the web as well as those compiled by myself and fellow 8th grade science teachers!



Station #1 – BrainPop │ Natural Selection, Extinction and Charles Darwin

BrainPop MC Practice Questions

Station #2 – CC Reading/Worksheet │Homologous & Analogous Structures

Homologous Structures CC Reading

Homologous vs Analogous Structures

Homologous & Analogous Limbs Printout

Station #3 – The Simpsons Worksheet │ Genetic Variation

Genetic Variation Reading 


The Simpsons – Genetic Variation 

Station #4 – Darwin’s 5 Points Worksheet │Natural Selection

Natural Selection │ Darwin’s 5 Points 


Station #5 – Pathogens Chart │ Pathogens & Disease

Pathogens Gallery Walk Posters 

Pathogens Gallery Walk Student Chart 

Station #6 – Pathogens Practice Quiz │ Pathogens & Disease

Pathogens Practice Quiz

Please see/e-mail for a copy of these documents used in Station #7 and Station #8.

Station #7 – You Be the Doctor │ Pathogens & Disease

Station #8 – Memory Matching SMARTboard game │ Pathogens & Disease


Tomorrow we will play a review game and be on the Chromebooks to assess our growth on 8.L.4 and 8.L.1.

See you then!

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One thought on “Relooping – Day 2

  1. Christi Liles says:

    Hi Mrs. Barton, I would love to have the You Be the Doctor activity. You have already sent me the Memory Matching Game and my kids really enjoyed interacting with the SmartBoard! If you don’t mind sending me the other activity my email is Thanks again!


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