Relooping – Day 1

Hey hey hey everyone,

Hope you’re happy to have made it through the middle of the week! Just a quick post for today…

Today we began our relooping. As I mentioned before, relooping is when our students transition to other science teachers in our grade level and focus on improving their skills in a certain branch of science (physical, life, or earth science).

In my class, students focused on 8.L.1 (Pathogens & Disease) and 8.L.4 (Evolution & Genetics). Now, because these are HUGE standards, we decided to work through stations to refresh our knowledge. There were 8 stations to complete in total and because of the depth and complexity of each station, students were able to work through approximately 4 stations. The remaining stations will be completed tomorrow. Friday we will  take an assessment to gauge our growth/progress.

Tomorrow I’ll post all of our stations.

Have a great evening!

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