Readying Ourselves for Relooping

Hi everyone,

Today in science we got ready for relooping. Relooping is when our students transition to other science teachers in our grade level and focus on improving their skills in a certain branch of science (physical, life, or earth science). 

In order to prepare, we played The Dice Game. This game is for partners. It starts by having one partner rolling the dice while the other partner begins working on the worksheet of questions. When Partner 1 rolls a 6, s/he takes the writing utensil from Partner 2 and begins working on the worksheet. Partner 2 begins rolling the dice and upon rolling a 6, s/he takes the writing utensil from Partner 1 and continues working on the worksheet. 

Here’s The Dice Game worksheet: The Dice Game – 1st Semester Review

I also want to take a minute to recognize 3 of my students who are going above and beyond with their flashcards – their understanding of these vocabulary words is being taken to another level which is absolutely reflected in their work. Way to go Anna, Cem, and Asma! 

Awesome Flashcards


I hope everyone has an enjoyable evening!

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