Happy Monday!

Hi there,

I hope you’ve had a good start to the week! Looks like we will be able to get back into the normal swing of things this week without any crazy weather. Here’s a recap of what we did today:

We picked up with our investigation of symbiotic relationships.

Symbiotic Relationships

We began by taking a vocabulary test on our words below. In the first section, students were given the word to spell out. In the second section, students were given the definition and they needed to write in the correct matching vocabulary word.

Ecosystem Vocab Week 2

Here’s where our classes diverge. First, Third and Fourth blocks were able to complete a Mad Minute worksheet (modified from this site) to practice their identification of symbiotic relationships. Students were given a scenario and they had to classify as many scenario as possible as commensalism, competition, mutualism, parasitism or predation, in 60 seconds (hence the name “Mad Minute”).

Fifth block had to finish our lesson from Friday, so they didn’t get the chance to do the Mad Minute activity.

Here are our materials from today:


Mad Minute: Types of Interactions Mad Minute


Again, if you need more practice, please see the links in the post below (from Jan. 31) for extra assistance.

Have a great evening,

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