Vocabulary Tuesday

Hey hey everyone!

SURPRISE! We had a 2-hour early dismissal today! This means I did not get a chance to see my 5th block students, and 4th block was cut short. Nonetheless we were able to get some vocabulary in for today!

Students worked on vocabulary cards, had a chance to play boom-bag, and then we played vocabulary baseball!

Again, here are our vocabulary words for the week:

Ecosystem Vocab Week 2

We’ll be checking vocabulary cards for correctness and completion TOMORROW 1/29!

Have them ready!

You can find a list of definitions for this week’s and last week’s vocabulary words here:

Ecosystem Vocabulary Baseball Definitions

You can find the instructions for vocabulary baseball here:

Vocabulary Baseball Directions

I hope everyone stays WARM and safe!

Have a great afternoon:)

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5 thoughts on “Vocabulary Tuesday

    • Hey there!
      BoomBag is a an awesome review tool for anything from basic vocabulary words to complex, open ended questions. Each week my students make vocabulary cards, the word and picture goes on the front, the definition on the back. These cards are used for BoomBag.
      Here’s the link to the game instructions:
      (for clarification purposes, the player reading the card will hide it behind the bag to ensure the player guessing cannot see it)
      You could use it as a review by having an open ended question on one side of the card with the expected response/answer on the other side. You could show a visual image on one side and have a word on the other for ESL/LEP students. The possibilities are endless!
      Hope this helps!


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