Friday = Vocabulary Day


Well, due to an unexpected 2-hour delay because of unbearably cold weather conditions, today we focused our efforts on solidifying our vocabulary for this mini-unit. Students in 1st, 4th and 5th blocks took a 2-part vocabulary quiz. In the first part, they were given a vocabulary word to spell; in the second part they were given a definition and had to identify the correct word. After finishing, we graded the vocabulary quiz and submitted it for a grade.

In the second part of class, students were given 2 options (both being textbook- or COACH book-based) to be introduced to population dynamics.

NOTE: for students in 3rd block, you will have an opportunity to take the vocabulary quiz on Tuesday 1/28.

ALSO! Students will need to bring at least 10 blank index cards for our next set of vocabulary words on TUESDAY 1/28!

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and stays WARM! 🙂

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