Thinking About Habitats and Niches

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HOORAY! I think we’ve accomplished a lot this school year, but I know we can do even more to make sure we’re ready to get those 3s and 4s on the EOG in a few months!

We began today by checking students homework (vocabulary flashcards completed on index cards). Students have been well aware of our expectations for completion. I have to take a moment to recognize one particular student who continually knocks these flashcards OUT OF THE BALL PARK! She goes above and beyond to make the most beautiful, neat, well written, and wonderfully illustrated vocabulary flashcards I have ever seen!!! She puts mine to shame! Check them out (awesomeness!):photo (5)

In class we continued on our exploration of ecosystems by looking a habitats and niches. Students successfully differentiated between a habitat and niche and in the process we were able to make connections to  survival of the fittest (a previously covered topic).

We took definition-based notes on page 67 of our notebook and then watched a clip from The Lion King to get a better understanding of “niche” in an ecosystem.

Source Link:

We used this clip to help us begin our practice worksheet.

The worksheet can be found here:Niche and Habitat WS

This worksheet was submitted at the end of class for a grade! Make sure you are staying caught up to have a strong 3rd quarter!

See you Friday 🙂

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