Thinkin’ Thursday

Hey hey hey everyone!

Today we completed yet another round of stations! This week we continued our focus on healthy living  by covering 6 stations:

Healthy Living Stations List

My students did an awesome job with these stations. They transitioned appropriately, cooperated well with each other, and really showed some high quality work. Check them out below!

Healthy Living Stations Pics 2 Healthy Living Stations Pics 1

Please note: If students were not satisfied with their posters by the end of class, they were allowed to take the home and finish them for homework. They are absolutely, 100% due tomorrow!

Here are our materials from the day:

Stations Folders Info: 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Stations Posters

Stations Student Worksheet:8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Stations Student Worksheet

SMART Notebook Memory Matching Game is available via email if you need it.


Have a great evening!

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