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As I mentioned yesterday, we took our CFA #4 – that set us back a day in terms of our “daily themed activities”. Today we were introduced to our unit called “Healthy Living“. Students worked on a very informative reading that covered a quick look at the human body systems, and the dangers of smoking alcohol, and drugs. After the reading, students answered a series of basic “recall” questions and “analyze & synthesize” questions. This assignment was due by the end of class.

After the assignment, students could work on their homework assignment (DUE THURSDAY 1/16/14). The assignment is vocabulary based and students must unscramble the information in the table to match the vocabulary word to the correct definition and correct picture.

* PLEASE NOTE: The 4 words/definitions/pictures on the FRONT are scrambled together and the 4 words/definitions/pictures on the BACK are all scrambled together.

Once everything is unscrambled, students must record the information on their vocabulary flashcards.

Here are our vocabulary words for the week:

Healthy Living Unit Vocabulary


Need the materials from today? Find them below:

1. Reading & Assignment: 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Reading

2. Vocabulary HW: 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Vocabulary Sheet (DON’T FORGET – DUE THURSDAY 1/16!)

Tomorrow we’ll have another round of stations to dig deeper into topics covered in this unit.


I’ll see you then!

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