Revisiting Pathogens, Disease and Biotechnology


Today we played a more intense version of Boom Bag to get as many concepts covered as possible before our CFA #4 tomorrow. Students individually retrieved their 20 vocabulary cards, science notebooks and also received 1 NC COACH science book per group. In addition to their flashcards, a set of approximately 36 open-ended question cards were also thrown into the mix! If students did not know the answer, they had 30 seconds to check their science notebooks or COACH books to find the answer. We kept score, too, so the winners could be rewarded with a small prize. Check out the pictures of our directions below:

Boom Bag Day Directions

You can find the “cards” with open ended questions here: CFA #4 – BoomBag Open Ended Questions

Tomorrow we will take CFA #4 and then Wednesday – Friday we will work on  our next unit 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living.

See you tomorrow!

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