Thinkin’ Thursday – Stations Time!

Hey everyone!

I hope your week has gone well so far! Today we traveled to 7 different stations to expand our knowledge of cell structures and processes.

Here are our stations:

8.L.5.1 Stations List

Look at these stellar students!

8.L.5.1 Stations Pics

Students had approximately 8 minutes at each station to complete the necessary work. Station 3, Organelles, was somewhat extensive, so tomorrow before taking our quiz, students will have a brief opportunity to complete stations the were unable to finish.

Our station posters and student worksheets can be found below:

Station Posters:  8.L.5.1 Stations Posters

Student Worksheets: 8.L.5.1 Stations – Student Packet

Don’t forget, your HOMEWORK is  due tomorrow. ALSO, we will have a QUIZ  (1/10/14) on this material. This quiz will have

  1. multiple choice questions
  2. true/false statements
  3. vocabulary word matching 

Have a great evening! See you tomorrow!

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