High Five for Friday!

Greetings guys & gals!

Well this was quite an interesting week with 2 days off due to the snow that took the South by storm. Today we tried to pick up right where we left off without skipping a beat. We honed in on types of interactions in ecosystems, specifically mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. We took guided notes, looked at some interesting examples, and watched some cool clips to explore this topic. Because we were pressed for time, students were assigned a worksheet as homework.

Here is a sample clip we watched:

Here’s the rundown for today’s materials:

1) Guided Notes: 8.L.3.2 – Interactions in an Ecosystem Guided Notes

2) Class PowerPoint:8.L.3.2 – Jan 31 – Symbiotic Relationships

3) Types of Interactions Homework*:8.L.3.2 – Symbiotic Relationships Practice

*I’m not sure who originally created the examples for this worksheet but they are fantastic!

This homework is DUE MONDAY 2/3/14 – Make sure yours is complete!

Check out these links that have GREAT practices/examples for organism interactions:

Advanced practice: http://giannou.weebly.com/uploads/5/6/4/8/5648347/symbiotic_relationship_practice__student_page.pdf

Examples: http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/news/the-best-examples-symbiosis-nature/

Ecosystems quiz: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0070947864/student_view0/chapter1/study_quiz_1_2.html

Have a happy and fun [SuperBowl] weekend!

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Vocabulary Tuesday

Hey hey everyone!

SURPRISE! We had a 2-hour early dismissal today! This means I did not get a chance to see my 5th block students, and 4th block was cut short. Nonetheless we were able to get some vocabulary in for today!

Students worked on vocabulary cards, had a chance to play boom-bag, and then we played vocabulary baseball!

Again, here are our vocabulary words for the week:

Ecosystem Vocab Week 2

We’ll be checking vocabulary cards for correctness and completion TOMORROW 1/29!

Have them ready!

You can find a list of definitions for this week’s and last week’s vocabulary words here:

Ecosystem Vocabulary Baseball Definitions

You can find the instructions for vocabulary baseball here:

Vocabulary Baseball Directions

I hope everyone stays WARM and safe!

Have a great afternoon:)

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Data Driven Monday

Hey there!

Today, class probably wasn’t *super* exciting for students as they took Benchmark #2… It was exciting for me, though, because I get the chance to sort through the data and see what progress and growth my students have made since Benchmark #1! I was already pleasantly surprised when I saw multiple students in each of my classes score 80% and 85%. Without a doubt I believe they’re setting themselves up for 3s and 4s on this EOG.

As a friendly reminder, homework is to  bring at least 10 blank index cards (3×5) for our next set of vocabulary words tomorrow (TUESDAY 1/28)! Want to get a head start? Our vocabulary words are below:

Ecosystem Vocab Week 2


Don’t forget, word and associative picture on the front, definition and source on the back.

Tomorrow we will focus on vocabulary based activities in preparation for the remainder of the week.

See you Tuesday,

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Friday = Vocabulary Day


Well, due to an unexpected 2-hour delay because of unbearably cold weather conditions, today we focused our efforts on solidifying our vocabulary for this mini-unit. Students in 1st, 4th and 5th blocks took a 2-part vocabulary quiz. In the first part, they were given a vocabulary word to spell; in the second part they were given a definition and had to identify the correct word. After finishing, we graded the vocabulary quiz and submitted it for a grade.

In the second part of class, students were given 2 options (both being textbook- or COACH book-based) to be introduced to population dynamics.

NOTE: for students in 3rd block, you will have an opportunity to take the vocabulary quiz on Tuesday 1/28.

ALSO! Students will need to bring at least 10 blank index cards for our next set of vocabulary words on TUESDAY 1/28!

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and stays WARM! 🙂

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Thinking About Habitats and Niches

Hi there!

Guess what… We have officially made it to our

100th post

HOORAY! I think we’ve accomplished a lot this school year, but I know we can do even more to make sure we’re ready to get those 3s and 4s on the EOG in a few months!

We began today by checking students homework (vocabulary flashcards completed on index cards). Students have been well aware of our expectations for completion. I have to take a moment to recognize one particular student who continually knocks these flashcards OUT OF THE BALL PARK! She goes above and beyond to make the most beautiful, neat, well written, and wonderfully illustrated vocabulary flashcards I have ever seen!!! She puts mine to shame! Check them out (awesomeness!):photo (5)

In class we continued on our exploration of ecosystems by looking a habitats and niches. Students successfully differentiated between a habitat and niche and in the process we were able to make connections to  survival of the fittest (a previously covered topic).

We took definition-based notes on page 67 of our notebook and then watched a clip from The Lion King to get a better understanding of “niche” in an ecosystem.

Source Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW7PlTaawfQ

We used this clip to help us begin our practice worksheet.

The worksheet can be found here:Niche and Habitat WS

This worksheet was submitted at the end of class for a grade! Make sure you are staying caught up to have a strong 3rd quarter!

See you Friday 🙂

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Welcome Back!

Hey there everyone!

Welcome back after our 4-day weekend! Today we ventured into our new unit on ecosystems. We began by differentiating between abiotic and biotic factors in an ecosystem and finished off by answering the critical question: “How do abiotic and biotic factors in an environment affect a given population in that ecosystem?”

In between, we defined abiotic, biotic, limiting factor and carrying capacity, we created a simple foldable for abiotic and biotic factors, and completed a worksheet so solidify our understanding.

Here are our vocabulary words for this unit:

Ecosystem Vocab

PLEASE NOTE: Today I explained to students that from this set of words forward, they MUST turn in their vocabulary cards on standard 3×5 index cards.

Too many inconsistencies have been observed for other forms of flashcards. Everyone using standard 3×5 index cards (lined or blank) will better serve our vocabulary review and games in the future. Students were also told that if they have a challenge with obtaining a set of index cards to see me, personally and inform me of the situation so we could find a solution.

These flashcards are DUE THURSDAY 1/23/14 

Today’s worksheet can be found here: Abiotic vs Biotic Factors

In summary, 2 work products were submitted today: 1) Abiotic vs. Biotic Factors worksheet and 2) Answer to Critical question.

Have a wonderful evening,

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Happy Friday!

Hey everyone,

Happy Friday – I hope you all have had a great week! Today we finished up our unit on Healthy Living by wrapping up our stations and doing a scavenger hunt.

Healthy Living Scavenger Hunt Pic

Students were able to circulate to the different cards around the room to find the answer to the clues!

The setup for the activity is:

1) The clue # on the front flap is the clue under the cover/flap. It matched the clue # the student worksheet.

2) The answer was located on the bottom, exposed (i.e. “abnormality” or “3 factors of addiction”).

3) Students looked at the clue, then had to search around the room for the answer. Once the answer was found on another card, they wrote down the answer on their worksheet and proceeded to look at the next clue under the flap.

It presented a bit of a challenge for some students, nonetheless they were able to figure out which answers were wrong on their own because “things just didn’t add up”.

Need some materials? Find them here:

1) Healthy Living Scavenger Hunt Cards

Please note, these are formatted to be printed 2-sided or front/back so the clue can be covered and answer exposed.

2) Health Living Scavenger Hunt Student Worksheet

The scavenger hunt and the completed stations packet were due at the end of the class period.

Don’t forget, Monday and Tuesday we DO NOT HAVE SCHOOL due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a Teacher Workday!


Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you Wednesday!

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