Wednesday We…

Began our 2nd layered curriculum activity!


As you can tell, these next 3 days will be filled with students working on their layered curriculum. I love doing these because it totally provides options and choices for the students to select their OWN activities to complete. By the end of today’s class (day 1), students were to have 35 points completed. Shoutout to the students in my 4th block today! They were AMAZING! They were focused and working so diligently, providing responses that will earn them a 4 on the EOG. W.O.W!

We used textbooks, coach books, flashcards, classroom posters, and more to help us provide the best possible answers.

Science Resource for Layered Curriculum

You can find a copy of our layered curriculum for pathogens, disease and biotechnology below:

Layered Curriculum – Pathogens, Disease and Biotechnology

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

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