A Closer Look: Viruses

Happy Wednesday!

Today in class we began Viruses vs. Bacteria – Part 1. We asked the question: Why can we get sick multiple times? To answer this question we looked at how a virus invades our body by viewing the NPR video “Flu Attack! How a Virus Invades Your Body“.

Flu Attack!

Afterwards, we diagrammed this process, as a class, in our notebooks and took some notes.

We applied our new knowledge of viruses in two ways.  First, we completed a writing piece entitled “Why Am I Sick again?!” Second, we read a short passage and highlighting information related to viruses in 1 color, bacteria in another color and organizing this information into a Venn Diagram.

Check out our interactive notebook spread for today! Instructions can be found in our class Prezi.

Page 56 and 57 Spread

Find materials for today’s class below:

1. Class Prezi Link: http://prezi.com/pztti3nwoybq/todays-materials/

2. Virus Writing Assessment (there are 2/page – each student only needs 1)

3. Viruses Vs. Bacteria Excerpt (there are 3/page – each student only needs 1)


See you tomorrow!

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