We’re Layering!

Greetings and happy middle-of-the-week everyone,

We are officially 1 week away from our first break of the school year! We are getting as much done as we can before leaving for break! Today we wrapped up our stations and transitioned to our very first LAYERED CURRICULUM! Thanks to Ms. Foster at another CMS school for inspiring us to create such an awesome, thought-provoking, student-driven activity! You can find Ms. Foster’s website here: http://sfosterscience.weebly.com/

What I love about this layered curriculum is that it provides choice for our students. They know how many points they must complete, however they are completely free to choose whichever activities they like! Also, the activities are designed so students are able to complete them using a) their own knowledge and creativity, b) a science textbook/dictionary, c) a Coach book or d) a quick reference on the computer.

Layerd Curriculum Preview


You can find a copy of our layered curriculum activity here: Layered Currciulum – Evolution & Genetics PDF

This assignment is DUE, 100 points completed, on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22!

Today, students should have completed 35 points. Tomorrow, they should have 70 total points completed. And by Friday, all 100 points must be completed.

See you all tomorrow!

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