Last Day of Relooping!

Hey everyone,

Today we finished our last day of relooping over old material. It was a very good opportunity to revisit this material (like I’ve said the past 2 days) because unless materials is continually interwoven throughout the different units and topics of study, it can quickly be forgotten and not “stick” like it should.

So  to recap we’ve covered “Earth’s Structures & Processes”, “Elements & the Periodic Table” and finally “Chemical Reactions and the Law of Conservation of Mass”. All of these topic assignments can be found if students log into / click “login” in the top right corner / under student log in type your username (firstnamelastname) and password (given in class).

Tomorrow we will take our FIRST BENCHMARK TEST of the school year and afterwards, we will begin working on our “Flashcard Friday list”.

Please note — students should bring 5 index cards to class for Friday!

See you then 🙂

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