Back, again!

Greetings, everyone!

It has been quite some time since our last post, but we are back again!

This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday I went to the National Science Teacher Association Conference here in Charlotte, NC. I loved it! I felt right at home learning about new science topics, ways to teach, and provide a top-notch education for my students! I’ll share more about this in another post (SO MUCH TO SHARE!).

One of my favorite things I was introduced to and learned about in my first session at the conference was a site called It retails for a pretty penny but at the exhibition station it was only a quarter of the price. After going home and researching a bit, I decided to give it a try.

I was able to add of my students from PowerSchool. After everything was set I sorted through the NewPath curriculum, picked out an interactive lesson, aligned it to our NC Science Essential Standards, assigned it to my classes and BOOM, each of my students were ready for a high-quality, interactive lesson which they could complete at their own pace!

Today it was perfect since we were relooping ( “relooping” gives us a chance to revisit previously learned material to solidify our understanding). Students logged on the the ChromeBooks and completed a lesson about Earth’s structures and processes. I enjoyed it because my kids could take learning into their own hands — take notes where they needed, pause and interact with what they’d just learned and continue learning afterwards, and finally take an assessment at the end when they finished. The assessment piece at the end provided great insights (aka data) about  providing future assignments/topics for my students.


MAJOR SHOUTOUT to my all of my students in class today! You all did a tremendous job working and focusing to solidify your understanding! They totally look learning into their own hands and are actively working to become independent thinkers & learners!

Need the site information?

NewPath Learning:

Click “Login” at the top RIGHT corner, then under “Student Login” enter:

username = firstnamelastname // password = (shhh….the one we said in class (: )

See you tomorrow!

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