Project Time!

Hey everyone!

Today we took notes on genetic variation in a “concept map” form similar to what we did on Monday. We looked at various types of things that can cause mutations and their impacts. Afterwards, we were introduced our… drumroll please……


Discover a New Species Project Snip

For this project, students were given a project choice menu from which they picked 1 option from to complete. This project is due FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15.

Below you can find the criteria cards for each project and the grading rubric I’ll be using:

Adaptations Choice Board Snip

Adaptations Choice Board Project Rubric SnipNeed another copy of the project booklet? Find that here:Discover A New Species Choice Board

Need to revisit the project introduction PowerPoint? Find it here: Discover A New Species Project Introduction

Remember, you’re starting with a basic animal and ADDING ADAPTATIONS that you believe would make this animal FIT (able to reproduce!) for a given environment!

I’ve already heard some super stellar ideas and I can’t wait to see them come to life!

Good luck!

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