Text Tuesday: Adaptations

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today we were formally introduced to different types of adaptations. We learned that adaptations help animals thrive, survive, and reproduce in their environments.

We focused on learning about 3 types of adaptations: structural, behavioral, and physiological. Students saw many examples of organisms that have (1) structural adaptations to help them such as camouflage, mimicry, disruptive coloring, and (2) behavioral adaptations such as migration, hibernation, and learned behaviors vs. instincts.

We watched an informative clip (only the first 5 minutes) about adaptations. Next, we viewed our PowerPoint about adaptations. Finally, we moved to our classic assignment for Tuesdays…. TEXT!

We had a different format for our text today. Students read a small passage, then answered a few questions, read another small passage, then answered a few more questions. Question format varied between fill-in-the-blank, comprehension and definition questions, providing examples, and completing charts.

The adaptations booklet can be found here:  Adaptations Booklet

The video clip link can be found here: http://video.nhptv.org/video/1492015101/

*note: this link works well on Google Chrome and you do not have to sign up to view the video!

Want to learn more about adaptations? Mrs. Bursk’s science class website has some cool information! Find that link here: http://mrsbursksclass.wordpress.com/discover-adaptation/

Tomorrow we’re going to look at genetic variations. Students will also be provided with a “ChoiceBoard” of activities to complete by FRIDAY 11/8.

Have a great day!

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