Quarter 2, New Beginnings

Hello there,

Today began the first full week of the second quarter. We continued with our learning about ways and causes for organisms changing over time.

To begin class, we completed a small NSTA probe to see what we know about the phrase “survival of the fittest”. That probe can be found here: Is It Fitter Assessment Probe

Next, we took notes in a “map” form. I loved seeing the creative colors my students used! I also liked this because it showed connections between different topics. Check out some stellar student work below!

Page 49 Notes 2


Page 49 Notes 1

Here’s the Prezi we used to create our “map”:http://prezi.com/9qo1-bmmabek/evolution-and-natural-selection/

We also began looking at vocabulary terms/phrases by using the Frayer model. The terms we examined were:

  1. Natural Selection
  2. Fit/Fitness
  3. Charles Darwin

An example of a Frayer model can be found here: http://www.phs.d211.org/science/filipekcj/Bio138/frayer%20cards%20template.pdf

Tomorrow we’re going to take a closer look at 3 forms of adaptations that can occur due to environmental pressures.

Don’t forget: HOMEWORK PACKET 8.L.4.2 IS DUE THURSDAY 11/7/13!

Have a great evening!

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