Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Break!

Hello, hello, hello!

Today, after a heart-to-heart talk about making changes in our classroom for the better, we were introduced to a few parts of our upcoming unit beginning next Monday. This is my favorite unit of the entire 8th grade curriculum! Drumroll please…. PATHOGENS!

I love this unit because it is so interesting, students can relate to it and there are some pretty cool “WOW” or “WHAAAT?!” factors.

We completed part of the Discovery Education lesson and then began working on our new formed flashcards.







Vocab words December 2 - PathogensI challenged students to see if they can make flashcards better than mine… Based on the cards I was seeing today, looks like they’re going to put mine to shame 🙂 You can see them below (even if you need a little inspiration to get yours started).


Remember… your cards should have the following components (click below to enlarge):

Vocab Card Instructions

Getting these flashcards done will allow us to play a super fun game I learned about a few weeks ago…

Boom Bag!


I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and SAFE Thanksgiving break!

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CFA #3

Hi everyone,
Today we finally finished our Evolution & Genetics unit! We took CFA #3 to show what we know. For the most part, it is good to see steady, consistent improvement as time goes on… But nonetheless we still have some serious work to do.
Tomorrow we will do some fun activities on the Chromebooks before departing for Thanksgiving break!
Have a happy Monday!


Happy Friday!

Hey all!

Today we wrapped up our Layered Curriculum – Evolution & Genetics activity. I think this provided a pretty comprehensive review for our CFA on Monday 11/25. Early finishers were able to play a review game on the SmartBoard  (with highschool level questions!). Remember, if you received an extension on your activity due to today’s schedule shifts/time constraints, it is DUE on MONDAY – no excuses!

For our CFA on Monday I’d suggest studying the following topics:

homologous structures & comparative anatomy 
the law of superposition 
evidence for continental drift & Pangaea
genetic variation 
natural selection and fitness
phenotype and genotype

I hope everyone has a happy, wonderful weekend and enjoys the “semi-warm” temperatures before it gets super chilly next week!

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70 points?!

Greetings all!

Today we were working super hard to reach 70 points in our layered curriculum. I want to give a special “bravo” shout out to my first block students who nailed it this morning! They were so focused and driven in completing their assignments that they didn’t even bother to stop and socialize with each other!


Tomorrow we will wrap up our layered curriculum activities and if time allows we will play a review game for our CFA #3 that will be given on MONDAY 11/25!

REMEMBER – you must have 100 POINTS COMPLETED by the time you TURN IN YOU LAYERED CURRICULUM! If you need a copy of the layered curriculum you can check out the post below this one.

Don’t forget to study, study, study for your CFA!

See you tomorrow,

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We’re Layering!

Greetings and happy middle-of-the-week everyone,

We are officially 1 week away from our first break of the school year! We are getting as much done as we can before leaving for break! Today we wrapped up our stations and transitioned to our very first LAYERED CURRICULUM! Thanks to Ms. Foster at another CMS school for inspiring us to create such an awesome, thought-provoking, student-driven activity! You can find Ms. Foster’s website here:

What I love about this layered curriculum is that it provides choice for our students. They know how many points they must complete, however they are completely free to choose whichever activities they like! Also, the activities are designed so students are able to complete them using a) their own knowledge and creativity, b) a science textbook/dictionary, c) a Coach book or d) a quick reference on the computer.

Layerd Curriculum Preview


You can find a copy of our layered curriculum activity here: Layered Currciulum – Evolution & Genetics PDF

This assignment is DUE, 100 points completed, on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22!

Today, students should have completed 35 points. Tomorrow, they should have 70 total points completed. And by Friday, all 100 points must be completed.

See you all tomorrow!

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Thinkin’ This Tuesday!


Today we continued our prep for CFA #3 by doing a series of review questions in station a “stations” format. These 9 stations were posted around the room and students answered the corresponding questions for each passage/information blurb.

The stations can be found here: CFA #3 Geology Stations

There were a number of students who did not finish in class, so tomorrow we will start class finishing the stations before moving on to our layered curriculum.

Remember… CFA #3 is only 3 CLASSES AWAY! Let’s make them count!

See you all tomorrow,

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