Wednesday: Honing in on Homologous Structures

Hey hey everyone!

Today we took a closer look at homologous structures by doing a gallery walk, analyzing a picture with various animal limbs, and answering conclusion/synthesis questions.

In order to complete this activity, students learned a new vocabulary phrase “ANALOGOUS STRUCTURES“. We differentiated between homologous and analogous by using the following chart.

Homologous & Analagous Comparison Chart

Early finishers completed “Hand it to the Animals“, an interactive activity on the SmartBoard. You can find the link below.

Need resources? Find them here!


Class prezi:

Student booklet: Homologous and Analgous Structures

Gallery walk posters: Homologous & Analogous Structures Posters

Animal limbs picture: Homologous & Analogous Limbs Printout

Hand it to the Animals link:


Tomorrow (because we have a teacher workday on Friday) we have a quiz covering the Theory of Evolution, natural selection, and homologous structures. We’ll also include a vocabulary section to make sure you study your vocabulary words!

Study study study!

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