Friday – CFA #2

Hello everyone,

Another weekend has arrived (I can hear the cheers and “YAAAY”s echoing in the background)!

Today we took Common Formative Assessment #2 – a unit test on Earth’s history, structures and processes. I was pleased by the overall growth in 100% of my classes! I’d like to recognize two classes right now:

Top Performance Celebrations for Block 5

Most Improved Awards for Block 3

There were 10 students across the board who scored a PERFECT 100%! Tremendous! I am really pleased with their performances.

In looking at our 8th grade science department as a whole, I’d like to extend a special shoutout and recognition for ALL the students who worked hard, came to tutoring, showed up to school each day and really put forth their best effort this unit — your hard work is paying off! THANK YOU!

When looking at this data, a little quote came to mind… It’s important to remember that though we may start off “low” or “not the best” everyone is capable of growth and being successful in some way, shape, or form.

From humble beginnings

On Monday we will begin our next unit on the Theory of Evolution and Genetic Variation (NC Essential Standard 8.L.4.1). 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Barton Signature


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