We’re Really Thinking this Thursday!

Hey everyone!

Today we covered a few mini lessons to prepare for our CFA #2 (Earth’s History, Structures & Processes). We did a brief overview for mechanical weathering, unconformity, porous and permeability, and geologic time scales and recorded those pieces on page 42 of our notebooks.

Next we played Jeopardy! It was an extremely competitive atmosphere, but it was a great way to cover a variety of material to prepare for CFA#2

Way to go Blocks 4 & 5

Here’s our class prezi: prezi.com/q576vqosd4lz/ready-to-review

Here’s the link for today’s Jeopardyhttps://jeopardylabs.com/play/cfa-2-earths-history-processes-review

(It doesn’t matter how many teams you select, you can just press “start” to begin the game.)

Study study study! Good luck!

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