Writing Wednesday Presents: Dinosaurs & Disasters!

Happy Wednesday all!

I hope your week has been positive so far! Today we examined and analyzed 4 theories about the extinction of dinosaurs and wrote a persuasive argument for 1 of the theories.

First, we began by discussing things we had already learned about dinosaurs and extinction. Then we watched a Discovery Education clip called “The End of Dinosaurs“. Afterwards, students took quick notes on page 43 of their notebooks to get  prepped for our gallery walk.

We visited 4 primary theories:

Theory 1: Asteroid Impact

Theory 2. Excessive Volcanism

Theory 3: Radiation

Theory 4. Ice Age

Dino Posters

Students toured each poster and in their chart, wrote down the cause (i.e. asteroid impact), what happened in that theory, evidence supporting that theory as well as evidence against the theory. Afterwards, they used this information to help them create a persuasive writing piece.

Overall, it is great to see how writing samples have improved over the past 9 weeks!

Below you can find our materials from the day’s lesson:


Class prezi: http://prezi.com/nrgai828ldgv/dinos-disasters/

Dinosaurs & Disasters Gallery Walk Posters: Dino Gallery Walk Posters

Dinosaurs & Disasters Student Answer Chart:Dino Extinction Gallery Walk – Student Answer Sheet

Extinction Writing Prompt: Writing Wednesday Extinction Prompt


Tomorrow we will look at one final mini-lesson on rocks (porosity and permeability) and then do a review for CFA #2.


Have a great afternoon!

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