Monday – Week 9


We’ve entered “Week 9” – our final full week of the 1st quarter! I hope everyone is ready!

Today we continued with our “Rock Dating 101” theme as we learned about radioactive/absolute dating using carbon-14 (C-14) and Uranium-238 (U-238).

We completed class notes, and then began an interactive radioactive dating game simulation from the University of Colorado – Boulder. Since we did not finish this interactive simulation, we’ll finish it in the first half of class tomorrow before transitioning to our stations activities for Text Tuesday!


Here’s our class prezi link:  (+ Page 39 notes)

Here’s the simulation worksheet (taped to page 38): Radioactive Dating Activity

Radioactive Simulation link:

NOTE: click “Run Now!” for this simulation to load / run – you will need a java player.

Radioactive Dating Game


Let’s have a great week!

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