Another Fact Friday Has Come and Gone

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we’ve made it through Week 8 of school already? This quarter has just flown by!

Today we studied pages 28 – 37 in our Interactive Notebooks to prepare for Quiz 2.1 – Earth’s History. Students took this quiz in a new format…

Normally students are each given a paper quiz and they can write directly on their quiz. Today we had a class set of quizzes and students wrote their responses in full on their papers (ie B – Metamorphic rock melts into magma, which cools to form igneous rock, which breaks down and is converted into sedimentary rock).

This approach made for some MUCH improved class averages – there were many perfect scores and an even greater number of students scoring 80% or higher (meaning they scored 12, 13, 14, or 15 out of 15)!

After we graded our quizzes, students received their Flashcard Friday List #8. This list is due MONDAY OCTOBER 21, 2013!

Find today’s materials below (note – students used the rock cycle below to help them answer questions 1 & 2):


Rock Cycle


QUIZ: Quiz 2.1 – 8.E.2

FLASHCARDS: Flashcard Friday List #8 – October 18


I hope everyone has an enjoyable Fallfeeling weekend!

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