Thinking for Thursday

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post for today. A portion of our students attended the Cool Schools Field Trip to watch the Bobcats play & promote an anti-bullying campaign! The criteria for attending were:

– No Ds or Fs in any classes

– No suspensions of any kind

– Overall good behavior

As a whole, I was (along with many other teachers/chaperones) extremely impressed with the behavior of our students who attended this trip! They really represented our school quite well.  It’s important to recognize these students. They understand, and to some extent have internalized, the behaviors & actions that must be shown to be successful in school and in the long run…


Now back to our classroom. Students who stayed at school were to complete a review booklet covering things we’ve learned about Earth’s history & structure so far. We were able to have 5th block today, so those students were able to complete the booklet in class, check their answers, and be prepared for their quiz tomorrow.

The review booklet can be found here: Earth’s History Review Booklet (Use pages 28-37 of your Interactive Notebook for a guide)

Remember: QUIZ 2.1 is tomorrow!

Study, study, study!

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