Wednesday: Rock Dating 101

Happy Middle-of-the-Week!

Today we began our quest to determine the ages of rocks & fossils by looking at the Law of Superposition and relative dating.

Here are our class notes written on page 37Page 37 Notes

After that, students began working on a booklet (glued to page 36). This booklet addressed the following areas:

1) ordering layers of rock from youngest to oldest

2) determining what fossils make good and poor index fossils

3) Principles of Geology  –

a) Law of Uniformitarianism

b) Law of Superposition

c) Law of Original Horizontality

d) Law of Cross-cutting Relationships

Students were examined multiple diagrams and images of rock strata and answered analysis questions to determine the age of rocks, how rocks have changed, and what geological principles apply to each.

Need some materials? Find them below:

Class prezi:

Page 36: Relative Dating Booklet

Relative Dating Booklet KEY

Tomorrow we will be out on a field trip! Students remaining at school will complete a review booklet to reinforce our content on Earth’s history.

See you then,

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