Text Tuesday: A Look at Pangaea


We had another busy class as we engaged in notes, text, and a puzzle activity – all to learn about Pangaea (pronounced: pan-JEE-uh) and the Theory of Continental Drift!

Below you will find our notes for today (written on page 35 of your notebook!)

Page 35 Notes

After taking notes, we read two texts. The first text focused on the layers of the Earth was very basic, simply to revisit our new knowledge from yesterday. Students answered a short set of comprehension questions and glued them to page 32 of their notebooks.

The second text was an in-depth Common Core reading about Pangaea. This reading set students on the right path to completing their puzzle activity.

Page 34 has 3 layers/components to it:

1) Base layer – outline/template for Pangaea

2) Puzzle pieces of continents (these are cut out an glued to the outline/template)

3) Top “The World Today” map of the current continent locations

Page 34

Need some materials? Find what you need below!

1.Our class prezi link: http://prezi.com/7g7lxlmrupld/layers-of-the-earth/

2. Beneath our Feet – Earth’s Layers BASIC Reading & Questions (page 32 materials)

3. Pangaea CC Reading (reading to prepare for page 34)

4. usgs world map & pangaea puzzle (page 34 materials)

Tomorrow we’ll look at the Law of Superposition & relative dating!

Until then,

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One thought on “Text Tuesday: A Look at Pangaea

  1. Fran Wuertz says:

    Wow!..Just what I’m looking for. I’ve recently started volunteering at a school for autistic students and was looking for some activity to introduce them to earth science. Are any of your worksheets available for download. Thanks, Fran


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