Happy Friday!

Hey hey, everyone!

I’m happy we made it though the week! We had a busy week with testing, changed schedules, pictures, tutoring and conferences. Shoutout to 2 of my new students who stayed for tutoring on Thursday to setup their notebooks and prepare themselves for success in science! I learn more and more about my students everyday!

We have a packed post with lots of information so I’m going to jump right to it! Block 1 and 4 were able to use the Chromebooks to begin their NewsJack.In remixed news assignment. Blocks 3 and 5 were able to get all caught up with their notes and begin part 1 of their assignment.

Here’s  final the assignment rundown for all classes:

Our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/o8lw_o1kdhcy/digging-deeper-plate-tectonics-their-impacts/

Part 1) Paper Product (resource link: http://library.thinkquest.org/17701/high/effects/)

Impact of Plate Tectonics Assignment

Need some help? Use the resource below to get started (NOTE: You’re only choosing one, not all 3!)

Plate Boundaries Resource

Part 2) NewsJack.In Remix (www.newsjack.in)

NewsJack.in Remix - Part 2Need a tutorial on how to use NewsJack? Look here: NewsJack Tutorial


I’m including the same form below in case there is difficulty in finding the older form.

Good Luck!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Makaylah Underwood says:

    hey ms barton I cant figure out how to do the newsjack.in ive tried to click on it and it wont highlight it and ive tried sevral times and my mom tried as well I even went on went on the toutourial an dit did highlight


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